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All our services have the following features, customized to each client

Video production

Want a strong call-to-action? We produce compelling video content to increase your campaign visibility.

Branded content

There are several ways to use social media to grow your audience, we will produce your very own branded content to raise awareness of your cause.







Content curation

We will feature only carefully curated content sent to you for approval.

  • We research audiences
  • Run test campaigns
  • Study your competitors

All this allows us to build the perfect strategy for your campaign.

audience engagement

with carefully selected content and Marketing psychology we motivate audience to participate and consequently share and engage in your platforms, in a much higher scale than if you would achieve alone. Grow in engagement by up to 20x more. 



Partnerships and Influencers


We research and contact partners with similar mission to increase outreach


We will cross promote your campaigns with popular influencers in your industry


Political and philanthropic 

Political Media Database 

Philanthropic and Social Issues Media

World Affairs Reporters and Journalists