What is it like to have a social media manager?

If you wonder how the process works, from building your brand's social media strategy to choosing content that represents your vision and scheduling posts, this article by Vanity Fair explains it perfectly. 

The first step is to match client and manager, just as a matchmaker works, the interests must be similar, there has to be affinity. A person passionate about your cause will naturally translate the message into digital content, will be able to materialize your vision. He or she must be a good storyteller and know the story you are trying to convey really well. 

This process starts with a study of the cause or brand, some phone calls and exchange of content samples. The first few weeks, at least, every content must be pre-approved. The client receives the content and marks the items with a yes or no, or the changes to be made. With time, as client and manager find the perfect tune and balance, the social audience begins to grow in response to the strategy, so the need for pre-approval becomes less necessary. Focus begins to switch to acquiring new influencers or brand ambassadors who can either cross-promote the brand or be contracted to represent it. 

Partnerships become more important while maintaining consistency in respect to the brand's mission and audience. So how long can one see a result?

Somewhere between 2 to 5 months, you can expect a drastic change, reaching and engagement will double and more elements can be added to boost the popularity of the brand.