The 5 Tools You Will Need for Social Media Management

We've decided to list the best products and tools for social media management

You want to have a mix of graphics, branded videos, content and live videos on your social platforms to captivate the audience through visuals, sound, emotions. 

For graphics canva  is super simple yet, it offers all the basic templates one needs for graphics, social media, cover image, presentations, and flyers.

Get on the habit of posting 30 seconds videos, there are many tools and apps available for this, but the one we use the most is VidLab. You need to download this one on your mobile.

Live videos show up on top of newsfeeds on Facebook, so if you want to catch the attention of users but, don't have content to share, you can use XSplit Broadcaster, and use the link of a great video from anywhere on the web, such as YouTube. 

For scheduling posts, the best option is Hootsuite, simple and effective. They even offer online classes, if you want to learn how to better use their platform. 

Want to be on top of the trends in your industry and post the updates to your fans? Subscribe to Google News Alerts.