The problems with Hootsuite and SocialBakers, why social management tools aren't enough

Hoosuite, Social Bakers and other social media management tools are great for pre-scheduling posts containing images, articles, and YouTube videos. But, they are not enough to share posts from social media itself. A common problem people encounter when scheduling videos already posted on Facebook is the missing visual components. 

The only way to share a post from another page or a retweet properly is by doing it manually.

This is not to discredit these tools completely, but it is just not enough. The tools are an amazing time saver, but you can not expect to work flawlessly or as accurate as a human.

You need to monitor pages daily to check for missing visual components.  Without these tools, we could not have advanced in monitoring, management and strategies.

If you are new to social media for business and pages management, I highly suggest to start with Hootsuite, they even offer online courses. There are other things you can do to enhance your platform's performance and growth, such as investing in low cost ads and consistency. 

If you find managing and monitoring multiple social accounts exhaustive, please check our offers here. It includes a 1 week free trial. 


- by Adriana J.

Social Media Strategist