Fake followers and fans are more expensive than ads, here is why:

Sometimes business owners get very anxious on getting results, but it is best to grow gradually, with a balanced mix of both organic reach and strategic paid ads.

Whatever strategy you decide to follow, just remember that buying followers will result in negative effects such as lack of engagement and wasted advertisement budget. The reason for this is because your page will be clogged with fake followers and your ads could be targeting these fake accounts, thus resulting in poor marketing results.

Newsweek and others investigated the sudden rise of Twitter followers on Trump's account and it found that it had the same amount of real and fake followers. 

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An example of this effect:

Recently a client approached me with the question: "why am I not getting engagement even after investing in ads" She had previously purchased fans, and even though she had 30k fans, this audience produced zero engagement. She soon realized she needed to change strategy and followed Facebook suggested ads, targeting friends of friends who follow her page, the campaign ROI was very low. She suddenly realized 30k fans was worthless and needed professional help to rescue her page. Two months down the road and we have cleaned up the page and started producing results while maintaining a good ROI for her budget.

 A strategy for the long run is everything. 


Beware of Influencers who buy post likes

If you decide to contract an influencer or even to just cross-promote beware some of them are purchasing posts likes.

Just because someone has 100k followers does not mean it will result in engagement. And a good way to check if their fans are legit is by observing the amount of engagement. Fan buyers may even pay for post likes, and the giveaway is in the comment's section, you will notice a lot of likes and no comments, something very unusual and certainly unnatural.

Hire a Social Media Manager, Strategist, Monitor

A good strategy includes consistency on the scheduling of posts, rich visual materials (videos and graphics), following branding protocols and cross-promotions with the right influencers. 

A good social media manager and strategist can achieve your brand's goals without the usage of fake followers. You can consult with a professional here.

- Adriana J.

Social Media Strategist