Are keywords relevant in social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

While social platforms work differently than search engines, it is still very relevant. 

When it comes to Facebook the only visible keywords in Google search results are located in the actual name of the page and description. So, pay attention to how you are describing your business, using relevant keywords for your industry. 

Hashtags are still very relevant but, crowded with too many results and content. Facebook and Twitter now display the keywords in the same way they display hashtags results. So, having a good description of a post you are doing, rather it is a video, image or article, is more likely to result is higher visibility, follow and engagement. The undiscriminating usage of too many hashtags is a visual pollution and can be seen as lazy and rude. 

Pick 2 hashtags max and have a good, compelling description of what you are posting. 

For videos, it is best to duplicate it in YouTube, as those will actually be visible in Google search. Images can be duplicated in Pinterest. 

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- by Adriana J.