What is it like to have a social media manager?

If you wonder how the process works, from building your brand's social media strategy to choosing content that represents your vision and scheduling posts, this article by Vanity Fair explains it perfectly. 

The first step is to match client and manager, just as a matchmaker works, the interests must be similar, there has to be affinity. A person passionate about your cause will naturally translate the message into digital content, will be able to materialize your vision. He or she must be a good storyteller and know the story you are trying to convey really well. 

This process starts with a study of the cause or brand, some phone calls and exchange of content samples. The first few weeks, at least, every content must be pre-approved. The client receives the content and marks the items with a yes or no, or the changes to be made. With time, as client and manager find the perfect tune and balance, the social audience begins to grow in response to the strategy, so the need for pre-approval becomes less necessary. Focus begins to switch to acquiring new influencers or brand ambassadors who can either cross-promote the brand or be contracted to represent it. 

Partnerships become more important while maintaining consistency in respect to the brand's mission and audience. So how long can one see a result?

Somewhere between 2 to 5 months, you can expect a drastic change, reaching and engagement will double and more elements can be added to boost the popularity of the brand. 

The 5 Tools You Will Need for Social Media Management

We've decided to list the best products and tools for social media management

You want to have a mix of graphics, branded videos, content and live videos on your social platforms to captivate the audience through visuals, sound, emotions. 

For graphics canva  is super simple yet, it offers all the basic templates one needs for graphics, social media, cover image, presentations, and flyers.

Get on the habit of posting 30 seconds videos, there are many tools and apps available for this, but the one we use the most is VidLab. You need to download this one on your mobile.

Live videos show up on top of newsfeeds on Facebook, so if you want to catch the attention of users but, don't have content to share, you can use XSplit Broadcaster, and use the link of a great video from anywhere on the web, such as YouTube. 

For scheduling posts, the best option is Hootsuite, simple and effective. They even offer online classes, if you want to learn how to better use their platform. 

Want to be on top of the trends in your industry and post the updates to your fans? Subscribe to Google News Alerts.

Fake followers and fans are more expensive than ads, here is why:

Sometimes business owners get very anxious on getting results, but it is best to grow gradually, with a balanced mix of both organic reach and strategic paid ads.

Whatever strategy you decide to follow, just remember that buying followers will result in negative effects such as lack of engagement and wasted advertisement budget. The reason for this is because your page will be clogged with fake followers and your ads could be targeting these fake accounts, thus resulting in poor marketing results.

Newsweek and others investigated the sudden rise of Twitter followers on Trump's account and it found that it had the same amount of real and fake followers. 

social media manager for Instagram, facebook, and twitter will synchronize the content of your accounts using the language specific for that platform.

An example of this effect:

Recently a client approached me with the question: "why am I not getting engagement even after investing in ads" She had previously purchased fans, and even though she had 30k fans, this audience produced zero engagement. She soon realized she needed to change strategy and followed Facebook suggested ads, targeting friends of friends who follow her page, the campaign ROI was very low. She suddenly realized 30k fans was worthless and needed professional help to rescue her page. Two months down the road and we have cleaned up the page and started producing results while maintaining a good ROI for her budget.

 A strategy for the long run is everything. 


Beware of Influencers who buy post likes

If you decide to contract an influencer or even to just cross-promote beware some of them are purchasing posts likes.

Just because someone has 100k followers does not mean it will result in engagement. And a good way to check if their fans are legit is by observing the amount of engagement. Fan buyers may even pay for post likes, and the giveaway is in the comment's section, you will notice a lot of likes and no comments, something very unusual and certainly unnatural.

Hire a Social Media Manager, Strategist, Monitor

A good strategy includes consistency on the scheduling of posts, rich visual materials (videos and graphics), following branding protocols and cross-promotions with the right influencers. 

A good social media manager and strategist can achieve your brand's goals without the usage of fake followers. You can consult with a professional here.

- Adriana J.

Social Media Strategist

The problems with Hootsuite and SocialBakers, why social management tools aren't enough

Hoosuite, Social Bakers and other social media management tools are great for pre-scheduling posts containing images, articles, and YouTube videos. But, they are not enough to share posts from social media itself. A common problem people encounter when scheduling videos already posted on Facebook is the missing visual components. 

The only way to share a post from another page or a retweet properly is by doing it manually.

This is not to discredit these tools completely, but it is just not enough. The tools are an amazing time saver, but you can not expect to work flawlessly or as accurate as a human.

You need to monitor pages daily to check for missing visual components.  Without these tools, we could not have advanced in monitoring, management and strategies.

If you are new to social media for business and pages management, I highly suggest to start with Hootsuite, they even offer online courses. There are other things you can do to enhance your platform's performance and growth, such as investing in low cost ads and consistency. 

If you find managing and monitoring multiple social accounts exhaustive, please check our offers here. It includes a 1 week free trial. 


- by Adriana J.

Social Media Strategist

Are keywords relevant in social media such as Facebook and Twitter?

While social platforms work differently than search engines, it is still very relevant. 

When it comes to Facebook the only visible keywords in Google search results are located in the actual name of the page and description. So, pay attention to how you are describing your business, using relevant keywords for your industry. 

Hashtags are still very relevant but, crowded with too many results and content. Facebook and Twitter now display the keywords in the same way they display hashtags results. So, having a good description of a post you are doing, rather it is a video, image or article, is more likely to result is higher visibility, follow and engagement. The undiscriminating usage of too many hashtags is a visual pollution and can be seen as lazy and rude. 

Pick 2 hashtags max and have a good, compelling description of what you are posting. 

For videos, it is best to duplicate it in YouTube, as those will actually be visible in Google search. Images can be duplicated in Pinterest. 

If you need professional help for social media accounts, check this 1 Week Free Trial. 

- by Adriana J. 


"I thought Social Media Management was about posting pictures" 5 tips to grow your audience

We came across this post recently and oh boy, it describes perfectly how the many social media features can confuse and overload business owners and organizations when managing their own social media platforms.

We lined up 5 tips to help beginners and start ups to manage their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without going insane, until you are ready to get professional assistance:

1 - Pick Certain Days to Post

in the beginning make only 1 post per day, 3 times a week. This is enough for news pages with no budget set.

2 - Focus on Engagement

use your spare time to share the content you created. It is not wise to clog your page with too much content without engagement. To produce engagement, ask people in your industry to help you share the content and share it across pages you already have access.

3 - Be Consistent

Pick the same time every day to post on social media, mid-afternoon is the best time if you only posting once a day. 

4 - Branding Your Content

Add your own logo to graphics you are sharing. This will enhance your brand presence.

5 - Track Your Growth

Pull a simple report once a week to track impressions and growth, for pulling a simple Facebook report: click on the top of your page "Insights" 

This will give you an idea of page views, likes, posts engagements and most liked posts, and help you understand what your audience prefer. 

Managing multiple social platforms and pages is very time consuming, but essential for your business growth. Having a consistent schedule across your pages sends out the message that you are serious about your mission and engagement proves your organization's value. 

Need help managing your Hootsuite BrandBastion or SocialBekers? Follow the same tips above but schedule your calendar once weekly. Alternate days, if you curate content with a clear vision of what your audience is more likely to engage, your numbers will rise faster. 

To target more people and expand your pages you may want to apply to our 1 week Free social media management complete with complimentary ads and assigned strategist, To submit you just need to enter your website information for evaluation. The package includes all features one needs to run successful campaigns: video production, branded content, sharing, tagging, hashtags, posts and article curation, ads and if necessary influencers. 

- by Adriana J. 

Social Media Strategist